What do you need sound and light?

It is clearly in a wedding so people often have no need for an enormous amount of sound and light, this then it is often a mixed audience and your guests would like to be able to talk together in it together. The most important thing is that it is sound, there are so many that rents out sound and light here in Norway. Some also have good equipment, but many will tell you that what they have is very good and above all professional audio. But what is really professional sound? Do you know? In short, you can say that all brands have both cheep and expensive versions of its speakers, lighting effects, etc. This is hard for you to know if the sound is good enough or not, but then it should be noted that within the smaller types of conditioning then there are some types that stand out especially well regardless of the model. It is ex FBT and JBL, it’s clear many have great websites and big words in their texts on the website. But do you know if they’re good? The easiest thing to do is take their ORG No, check this with www.brreg.noyou will see if this is a serious supplier or not. logoOne tip for a cheap and good sound and lighting company are: www.123lyd.no Here are reasonably sound and lighting!

Tip for lighting for the entire wedding party


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