Here are some questions many have asked us, you have a question please send us an email and we’ll put this up here.

When to book a DJ or a band, etc?

We recommend you order this once you have obtained the local venue and of course the date is set, then you are assured to get exactly what you’re looking for!

Should we have a written contract?

Yes definitely should have a written contract, it is important and check out the company an order with. There are many strange companies out there and especially individuals, what we recommend is to check up on about the company at all exists!

How much does it cost to hire a DJ for a wedding?

Everything depends on what kind of equipment one needs, not to mention you should have the party. Essentially, the price of 5000 NOK and above normal in this, including 5 hours of play, ie the period the DJ plays. You can of course extend this time and this is normally nok 5-700 per hour.

How much does a band or other musicians demand for a wedding?

There is considerable variation in the different bands and artists, but in essence, a minstrel be around 7-8000 NOK, the duo will remain on the 8 – 10000 NOK and a band from around NOK 12,000. Everything is of course depending on when and how long they will play. Now bands usually play 3 sets of 45 minutes. So a Dj is better when you get 5 hours of non stop music.

How should settlement take place when a hiring music for your wedding?

We would strongly advise against a prepayment of such a service, you should be absolutely sure who you are dealing with. So we recommend here to check company information, accounts etc in Here you will find company information. You should not pay in advance the type of NUF or sole proprietorships. Remember that if the firm is not registered in the Company, it’s you who will be responsible for the person paying the tax’s. So NEVER pay cash!

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