Music for weddings, what should you choose?

wedding-photography-2You will have music for your wedding, well what do you then choose? There’s plenty out there, you have a DJ, troubadour, duo, trio or a big band, maybe you will have some famous artists? What you have is entirely dependent on your budget, we will by no means advise you to go for a solution where you pre-programmed playlist. Why do not you ask then? When evening comes and you start to get in a good mood for dancing, what happens then? But are you really in the mood for your wedding just as you put on the “play” button? We are convinced that it is not, then it starts Evening hassle of changing from one song to the other. Is this what you want on your big day?

imagesCAS0JK02Imagine that, a DJ with sound and light costs about as much as a wedding cake. But music can be enjoyed for many hours, then we can not see why one should save this. Is not it better to buy a cheaper cake that can be just as good, so you get some professional advice to musicians instead? Have you decided to choose a DJ, minstrels, duo, trio or a full band, so we recommend you rent them through an intermediary. The DJ or band provider is well aware and know exactly what you need. No need then to check references or doubt whether this is good people or not. If you
go and find someone on your own, perhaps saving you a bit, but then you should also be sure that you have found the right person (s). Are you having a DJ, minstrels, duo, trio or a band? Then we recommend you to use DJ Booking Norway AS.


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