Choose the right DJ for your wedding!

The most important thing when choosing your DJ for your wedding, it is thought that this day you can not do again. Therefore, our clear advice to hire a DJ through a DJ Mediator, we would recommend strongly to choose DJ Booking Norway AS. This is the only provider in Norway with one type of company you can trust, the other players on the market are so-called sole proprietorship and thus often operated alongside other work. It is often the case that you then end up with that DJ is absent on your big day! Are you going to look for a DJ on the web or through your friends on your own, then it is important to make sure, for such guarantees you get through DJ Booking Norway AS you may also by other actors. But the deal is if something happens? Here a small checklist if you will go out to find your DJ without a mediator: DJ-Booking-banner(This need not think about when you hire a DJ from DJ Booking Norway AS)

  • Create a backup plan if DJ would be sick, etc..
  • Call former customers of the specific DJ and check references.
  • Takes DJ contrary desire songs?
  • Has DJ with NOK music, or he needs broadband to play?
  • Has DJ knowledge of music you want?
  • How will the DJ be dressed?
  • Will the DJ with sound and light that is suitable for you?

The most important thing a DJ is hired by you, is to create a good atmosphere and get everyone to feel comfortable in your wedding. It is important that the DJ to play at your wedding, have played a wedding before. It is true that in most weddings, it is guests from early 20 to late 70’s and is it not important that the DJ can play so that everyone gets something they like? It is also important that the hired DJ is what we want to set the tab ARTIST, this means that the DJ has an artistic rendition extensively feel what is right music at the time. It is also true that DJs “stock” music for you and your guests on site, so you will get a posetiv experience of the evening. It is as important as the wedding cake decorations that are nice to look at, such as DJ “decorate” the music so that it is performed in a delicate manner. All weddings are different and therefore must also DJ could adapt to your and your guests. DJ must be able to provide the service you deserve and play the music you and your guests will dance to. The great advantage of a DJ is that the musical spectrum is wider than what a Duo or other musicians to play, but as you understand it is important that you get a DJ to suit their needs. Otherwise you end up with a DJ who plays the DJ wants and not take into account what you want. Let a DJ set the mood at your wedding, a professional DJ will arrange everything for you!

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