Where and when should it be music in a wedding?

We also recommend a look at our pages about what to watch out for when hiring a DJ for your wedding, or maybe you want to read more about how to obtain and what should you choose the music for your wedding.

Here, we list places that you should have some music

BryllupsDJDuring the ceremony:

Often used one or more melodies performed by one singer, one on one instrument or a DJ. If we are given outdoors, then it should always be set up microphones. So that everyone hears what is said.

During the dinner:

Normally need a no sound during dinner, but if there is a large hall with poor acoustics, or whether there should be some musical entertainment during dinner. This check up in connection with the booking of DJ. Often you may want to talk to the place you want to rent. Coffee / Avec is fine with a little “mingle” music here. Wedding Cake: Often, it played a fanfare ex when cake to be served Wedding party: It is important to have the right music, you can read more about this here. The big topic of conversation is the bridal waltz, here one can either do not have anything at all. Or make it a bit untraditional, get DJ or make your own mix of songs. So guests are surprised, make like a dance or involve your guests in the dance.

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